Team building with The Guitar Studio

  • Available for Guitar or Ukulele
  • Interactive team building
  • Great for Christmas functions
  • Early childhood teachers
  • ​Principles that really work
  • Video follow up to workshops
  • Heaps of fun

Whatever your level or goals, we can help!

Increase the effectiveness of your Team

The Way of the Strings

Our unique results based system will accelerate your learning


Within every hurdle is an opportunity to go beyond it. Challenges help you develop skills to transcend them. Expand your mindset to deal with difficulties, develop strategies and solutions to keep you moving forward.


Imagine a system of learning where each step you learn affects the next in a positive way. Progressively your skills expand, growing exponentially as you develop an understanding of The Way Of The Strings.


There is always a solution, if someone else has played it, then it is playable... no matter how complex the parts may be. We help you understand the mechanics, brush away the problems and reveal the solutions.

Ready to improve your playing?

Ashley Bowen

Ian is a very technical and motivated teacher with great attention to detail. With his help I have been able to see a significant improvement in my guitar playing and that has given me the drive to get better. I would recommend Ian to a guitar player of any skill level who would like to improve.

Let Guitar studio brings its proven workshop series to Your team 

Key parts of your in studio lesson are video documented for you to review on any web media device!

Guitar and Ukulele workshops with the Guitar studio

The workshops are heaps of fun, there is time to layer the learning in a way that is very informative and interactive. Workshops for beginners are a friendly introduction to the basics of how to play a ukulele or guitar, including; fretboard, chords, rhythms and songs. I also hold workshops for intermediate and more advanced players. Attendees get access to a video covering key points from the workshop.Workshops usually run for around 2 hours.

Accelerate your progress...

Your Lessons, tailored around Your individual goals!