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Driven by my own quest for ability on the guitar, I quickly discovered that there was more to it than what the books and videos were saying. Most were lacking the glue that connected a nice theory or method, back into the reality of really making things work on the guitarSomething to cut through the confusion of it all was needed.

"What evolved from my desire to master the guitar is a system that makes sense"

My focus here at the Guitar studio is to constantly strive to deliver a better way of learning to you the student.  I have been teaching for over 20 years and the systems in place here are a result of my study and experience gained over time, both in music and other areas of my life.  In particular areas that have taught me strategy, efficient movement and the combination of Nero science and Bio mechanics to increase potential and overcome difficulties.  As musicians, the answers and solutions to the challenges we face as a beginner or an advanced player exist in our ability to Identify -  adapt - and overcome those challenges using a self sustaining system.

Ian is the founder and chief tutor at the Guitar studio, with over 20 years experience as a professional tutor and motivator.   Ian lives in Hamilton NZ with his wife and 2 boys.

Neuro science and
Bio mechanics

When You Fix it in Your mind - You Fix it on Your fret-board.

Integrated Guitar Coaching

A system that uses natural alignment with your individual body mechanics to get your hands moving effectively. Combining my understanding of the neurological process and sounds principals that work to get your hands and fingers moving gracefully across your instrument. My understanding of music, coupled with this learning system, allows you to progress quickly on your instrument. It can help greatly improve the evolutionary process of your playing at any level.


Within every hurdle is an opportunity to go beyond it. Challenges help you develop skills to transcend them. Expand your mindset to deal with difficulties, develop strategies and solutions to keep you moving forward.


Imagine a system of learning where each step you learn affects the next in a positive way. Progressively your skills expand,
growing exponentially...
as you develop an
understanding of 
The Way Of The Strings.


There is always a solution, if someone else has played it, then it is playable... no matter how complex the parts may be. We help you understand the mechanics, brush away the problems and reveal the solutions.

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