Guitar, Bass and Ukulele lessons

In our Hamilton Studio or Live Online

Over 20 Years Experience teaching and motivating students of Guitar, Bass and Ukulele

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Why learn with Guitar Studio?

  • Hamilton studio and Live online
  • All styles of playing for all ages
  • Over 20 years experience
  • 10am - 9pm Monday to Friday
    (Saturdays by arrangement)
  • Principles that really work
  • Key parts of lesson recarded for you
  • An approach built on your goals

Tailored Tuition; Faster, Simpler, Proven Results!

Brahm Foley

inspires me to keep going

Ian has been an amazing teacher, his knowledge doesn't stop at just playing the guitar, it surrounds music, and truly inspires me to keep going, keep practicing and to keep enjoying the moments along the way.

Sean Brown

level of authenticity

Over the past 25 years I have received music lessons off and on from Ian . I have seen him perform Rock in sweaty pubs , impromptu cafe jam sessions to Jazz standards in elegant restaurants. Very few musicians reach that level of authenticity across various musical styles , even fewer can teach it.

Todd Haglund

playing current music

The HD Video conference lessons are amazing!! Being able to learn the guitar from your own home, at a time of your choosing, anywhere in the country, makes life just easy. Ian's way of teaching has you playing current music you actually listen too in a very short time. and he will record what he's teaching you as you go, so its like having a guitar tutor with you 24/7 whenever you want to practice until the next lesson. I know that without Ian's teaching, guidance and systems I would not be playing the guitar at a level even close to what I am today.

The Way of the Strings

Our Results based system will accelerate your learning


Within every hurdle is an opportunity to go beyond it. Challenges help you develop skills to transcend them. Expand your mindset to deal with difficulties, develop strategies and solutions to keep you moving forward.


Imagine a system of learning where each step you learn affects the next in a positive way. Progressively your skills expand, growing exponentially as you develop an understanding of The Way Of The Strings.


There is always a solution, if someone else has played it, then it is playable... no matter how complex the parts may be. We help you understand the mechanics, brush away the problems and reveal the solutions.

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