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Learn at home with our crystal clear live HD video conferencing!

Here at the Guitar studio I have been teaching lessons through video conference since 2011.
As Technology has rapidly evolved, real time video conferencing has seen dramatic improvements in clarity and quality.
As well as seeing a very clear picture and hearing nice clear audio on your end, I can also share my screen with you so that you can see real time workings on music scores and song sheets.  At the same time as doing the live stream call, I am also recording and sending the key parts of the lesson through to you so you can review parts as you practice.  Most reasonably modern laptops have a built in webcam that is good enough quality for me to see you clearly.

Computer + webcam + good internet connection = video conference lesson

  • Teaching online since 2011
  • Multiple Camera angles 
  • Screen sharing 
  • Recorded for your reference
  • Easy to setup
  • Time proven system

What is needed to do a lesson via video conference?
The program I use to facilitate video conference lessons is free and simple to learn. All you have to do is click the provided link to open the conference call. You’ll need a webcam and a good internet connection. The better your webcam, the better the quality of the video I receive. I use high quality equipment, so you will be able to see and hear me clearly through the lesson.

Access The Guitar Studios proven Way of the Strings system Live from your own home.

The guitar is wonderfully enjoyable and portable. The ideal accompaniment and compositional instrument. The guitar excites with it's fiery and sometimes romantic flair. Whether its Jamming with your friends, playing for a crowded room or a concert event, the guitar remains one of the main focal points in all styles of modern music.

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Why learn with Guitar Studio?

✓ An approach built on your goals
✓ Key parts of lessons recorded
✓ 10am - 9pm Monday to Friday
✓ Saturdays by arrangement

✓ All styles of playing for all ages
✓ Hamilton studio and Live online
✓ Over 20 years experience
✓ Principles that really work

The Way of the Strings

Our unique results based system will accelerate your learning

Jake Rolston

My confidence has been boosted


Ever since I started taking lessons with Ian 4 years ago, I have felt a massive improvement in my guitar playing. My confidence has been boosted from Ian’s honest feedback, because he always finds ways for you to improve. Ian is adaptable to all types of genres, or can teach scales and music theory. Ian’s whole way of teaching is unique and efficient. His friendly, helpful attitude makes him easy to talk to, and ask for help. Ian has helped me for my NCEA music exams and performances, and reach the top marks. His methods are fun and easy to learn from, thanks to the videos he creates and tablature he sends you. If you are beginning guitar or already experienced, I recommend Ian as your teacher.

Todd Haglund

playing current music


The HD Video conference lessons are amazing!! Being able to learn the guitar from your own home, at a time of your choosing, anywhere in the country, makes life just easy. Ian's way of teaching has you playing current music you actually listen too in a very short time. and he will record what he's teaching you as you go, so its like having a guitar tutor with you 24/7 whenever you want to practice until the next lesson. I know that without Ian's teaching, guidance and systems I would not be playing the guitar at a level even close to what I am today.

Samuel Snape

Now I am writing my own songs


When I first started with Ian I could hardly play and only knew two or three chords. Within a year Ian had taught me the fundamentals of guitar, but he had also made it fun. He is a chill fun dude to be with yet you learn so much so fast and it's great. I really enjoy each lesson. Now I am writing my own songs thanks to Ian. He has been a huge inspiration and an amazing teacher.


He is a good teacher and inspiration


I have been taking lessons from Ian for 2 Months , he is a good teacher and inspiration . I enjoy his style of teaching as he is patient as well of his knowledge of his profession . The videos he makes during the lessons showing his hand and finger placements help me as they are emailed to me so I can revise them. I advise anyone looking for guitar tuition give Ian a call .

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