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Within every hurdle is an opportunity to go beyond it. Challenges help you develop skills to transcend them. Expand your mindset to deal with difficulties, develop strategies and solutions to keep you moving forward.


Imagine a system of learning where each step you learn affects the next in a positive way. Progressively your skills expand, growing exponentially as you develop an understanding of The Way Of The Strings.


There is always a solution, if someone else has played it, then it is playable... no matter how complex the parts may be. We help you understand the mechanics, brush away the problems and reveal the solutions.

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    balance of patience, motivation and discipline

    As a professional guitarist working in London, I’ve come to reply on the things I learned from Ian on a day-to-day basis. He is a superb technician with a real passion and encyclopedic knowledge of the guitar, and has the best temperament of any tutor that I’ve come across. Ian was always able to answer questions, show me techniques, and point me in the right direction regarding equipment with the ease of someone who has dedicated their life to the instrument. He’s a nice guy too, with a great balance of patience, motivation and discipline. I would strongly urge anyone, from beginners and intermediates to pros in need of a high level tutor in any style, to seek out lessons from Ian McLaughlin. You won’t be disappointed.

    Sam Wilcock (Professional Guitarist based in UK)

    My confidence has been boosted

    Ever since I started taking lessons with Ian 4 years ago, I have felt a massive improvement in my guitar playing. My confidence has been boosted from Ian’s honest feedback, because he always finds ways for you to improve. Ian is adaptable to all types of genres, or can teach scales and music theory. Ian’s whole way of teaching is unique and efficient. His friendly, helpful attitude makes him easy to talk to, and ask for help. Ian has helped me for my NCEA music exams and performances, and reach the top marks. His methods are fun and easy to learn from, thanks to the videos he creates and tablature he sends you. If you are beginning guitar or already experienced, I recommend Ian as your teacher.

    Jake Rolston

    Go beyond the "hum and strum"

    Ian has been teaching me how to play the ukulele. As a rank beginner, I really had not much of a clue about music or the underlying principles but Ian has been very patient and explains things in a way that is easy to follow and understand. I believe my playing has really improved using the techniques and tips he has provided, particularly for chord changes and picking. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and cannot recommend Ian enough for any casual ukulele player that wants to improve and go beyond the ‘hum and strum’. Thanks Ian!

    Fionna Moyer

    Makes it all understandable

    It is such a pleasure working with Ian, who seems to make learning the Guitar a more simpler process. His teaching consists of a very relaxing methodical approach and in turn makes you see the sense in both movements and style. I have progressed in leaps and bounds since starting with Ian and really look forward to my lessons. Thanks so much for making me realise that anyone can play the guitar when you have been shown in a manner that makes it all understandable.

    Baden Lynch

    Corrected a lot of habits that needed changing

    I have been going to Ian's classes for over two years 1 for ukelele and over 1 for guitar. Ian has corrected a lot of habits that need changing like sticardo and not playing the notes too loud. He is also very precise. I think you should go to his classes because it is worth it! I also like that he has put in a lot of effort and Ian allows you to choose what song you want to play and he would teach you it.

    Nathan Sun

    learning of favorite songs

    "The time spent learning with Ian was invaluable to building my knowledge of the guitar. The how's and why's were always answered with very "outside the box answers" that made sense on many different levels. The learning of favorite songs always kept me interested in guitar, while the practical and key scales were also incorporated into my learning to ensure I learned the proper knowledge of the working fretboard. Ian is a fantastic player and can work with any style of music. A very friendly guy and easy to have a good chat with. I would highly recommend him to anyone, at any age, wanting to learn any style. Choice Bro 🙂 " Bryce - student of 3 years-

    Byrce Jamieson

    I have gained a lot of confidence

    I really enjoy learning guitar with Ian, he is a great teacher. Since I started with him a year ago I have gained a lot of confidence. I really like the way he lets you decide what song you want to learn, and I strongly recommend Ian as a guitar teacher.

    Mitchell Moore

    It was great right from the start

    I decided that I wanted to learn bass guitar, and came across Ian's website. It was great right from the start. He is a nice guy and teaches pieces that I actually want to learn to play. I'm sure that I will continue and become a good bass guitar player :0

    Alex Bendall

    level of authenticity

    Over the past 25 years I have received music lessons off and on from Ian . I have seen him perform Rock in sweaty pubs , impromptu cafe jam sessions to Jazz standards in elegant restaurants. Very few musicians reach that level of authenticity across various musical styles , even fewer can teach it.

    Sean Brown

    I love playing guitar and this has made me love it more.

    It has been a great place of learning. I have learnt many songs which is great when I want to play for people.
    I love playing guitar and this has made me love it more. I really enjoy it, even when I don’t feel like going.
    I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to going next time.

    Rion Ormsby Harris

    playing current music

    The HD Video conference lessons are amazing!! Being able to learn the guitar from your own home, at a time of your choosing, anywhere in the country, makes life just easy. Ian's way of teaching has you playing current music you actually listen too in a very short time. and he will record what he's teaching you as you go, so its like having a guitar tutor with you 24/7 whenever you want to practice until the next lesson. I know that without Ian's teaching, guidance and systems I would not be playing the guitar at a level even close to what I am today.

    Todd Haglund

    Now I am writing my own songs

    When I first started with Ian I could hardly play and only knew two or three chords. Within a year Ian had taught me the fundamentals of guitar, but he had also made it fun. He is a chill fun dude to be with yet you learn so much so fast and it's great. I really enjoy each lesson. Now I am writing my own songs thanks to Ian. He has been a huge inspiration and an amazing teacher.

    Samuel Snape

    Ability to get the message across

    Ian is an awesome guitar tutor who has a fantastic ability to get the message across to his pupils. I know because I'm a pupil who had a go at teaching myself without success, but now I have a better understanding for music and the guitar all thanks to Ians hard work.

    Murray Reynolds

    the direction I want

    I have been learning with Ian For over 8 years now.

    I began with no experience or knowledge and have now learned to play faster, more advanced and technical songs in their entirety with a better understanding of music itself.

    I like the that I have the freedom to head in the direction I want to and choose the style and genres I want at a pace that I can keep up with or not be slowed down by. I also like that each section that has been demonstrated is recorded into video form for me to use when at home to help memory or slowly digest and repeat what I am doing.

    I am looking forward to continue in advancing my skills even after so long, there is still always more to work on and improve with the help of Ian.

    Sean Gilbert

     Fast track YOUR progress with
    a proven layered developmental system. 

    • Train your fingers to move purposefully and deliberately through chords...

    • Discover how your chord changes can become instinctive and intrinsic through layering of deliberate natural movement

    • Find out how to strum with perfect feel and timing to suite the song you are playing

    • Discover how to use the "inner game" to build confidence when playing in front of a crowd, big or small

    • Discover how to play scales and phrases as if you where having a conversation with a friend...

    • Understand the fret-board completely and gain the confidence that come with it

    • Express yourself freely on the guitar by gaining the ability to move smoothly

    • Discover how to complete those songs you start, using instrument specific problem solving and strategies...

    • Harness the power of efficiency of movement that can make you 90% more effective on the fret-board...

    • Train and develop your left and right hand coordination and how to integrate your twitch fibre muscles with deliberate movement

     There  is a formula and YOU can tap into it!


    Tailored to our interests

    I’ve enjoyed our ukulele lessons with Ian. They have been tailored to our interests and tastes and enhanced my understanding of music theory. The fact that the key learning is recorded is brilliant - it’s so easy to go back and remind yourself of the details that you might have forgotten. Thanks, Ian!

    Bernadette Dobbyn

    Highly recommended!!

    I enjoyed Ian's lessons very much. He is a very patient teacher and he designs the lessons to suit your level and your interest. I have learned so much from him. Jeffrey Highly recommended!!

    Jeffrey Chen

    Improved in his skills with both acoustic and electric

    Aaron has enjoyed his lessons and has improved in his skills with both acoustic and electric guitars. Ian is an all round tutor and also patient with Aaron. I would recommend Ian to anyone seeking to learn and improve their guitar skills. Aaron likes the way that lessons are done.


    Awesome experience

    Awesome experience. Ian is really patient with your learning speed. Really great at breaking down the smaller components to get the best results.

    Ryan King

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    Teaches with lots of Enthusiasm

    Ian is absolutely fabulous! I cannot express how well my playing has improved in the last year. Being an adult learner, his style of teaching is extraordinary and I have gained so much confidence. Ian is always patient and kind and teaches with lots of enthusiasm, passion and is dedicated to his students success.

    Hannah Adams

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