Those Hard to Get Notes


Getting the most out of Video Conference lessons
Getting most out of Video Conferencing with Guitar studioWhilst you can do your video conference lesson very successfully on a[...]
Fighting Banjos
Fighting BanjosThis Banjo that came in the other week was pretty much unplayable due to the neck angle and resulting[...]
Banishing the woolly Mouldoth
Banishing the woolly Mouldoth This is a Guitar that a student purchased off of Trademe. It had a whole new[...]
Brighten my day
Brighten my dayThis was already a lovely guitar to play.  I just gave the frets some extra love by getting[...]
Cost effective repair
Cost effective repairThis is a common problem I have seen with some lower price range guitars, especially in soft cases.This[...]
Fret-board dandruff |
Fret-board dandruff Had the chance to get one of my guitars on the bench a while back.  I actually bought this[...]