Chord Dynamics


Fret-board dandruff |
Fret-board dandruff Had the chance to get one of my guitars on the bench a while back.  I actually bought this[...]
Rated PG|
Rated PG |This Ibanez PG belongs to a good friend of mine, it has a few good miles on it[...]
Fret job and intonation = huge difference!
Fret job and intonation = huge difference!This one belongs to one of my students.  The intonation was miles off as[...]
An Eko from the past
An Eko from the pastThis one came with with a lot of issues.  Apart from the general wear from the[...]
Tokia Tele
Tokai TeleTokai have made some really nice guitars over the years.  This awesome Tokia Tele just had a bit of[...]
Whats on Tele?
Whats on Tele? Some nice shiny frets, that's what! But they didn't always look like this!A student bought this Tele[...]
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