Chord Dynamics


Getting the most out of Video Conference lessons
Getting most out of Video Conferencing with Guitar studioWhilst you can do your video conference lesson very successfully on a[...]
Fighting Banjos
Fighting BanjosThis Banjo that came in the other week was pretty much unplayable due to the neck angle and resulting[...]
Banishing the woolly Mouldoth
Banishing the woolly Mouldoth This is a Guitar that a student purchased off of Trademe. It had a whole new[...]
Brighten my day
Brighten my dayThis was already a lovely guitar to play.  I just gave the frets some extra love by getting[...]
Cost effective repair
Cost effective repairThis is a common problem I have seen with some lower price range guitars, especially in soft cases.This[...]
Fret-board dandruff |
Fret-board dandruff Had the chance to get one of my guitars on the bench a while back.  I actually bought this[...]
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