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Delivering Professional Tuition for over 20 years

Ashley Bowen

Ian is a very technical and motivated teacher with great attention to detail. With his help I have been able to see a significant improvement in my guitar playing and that has given me the drive to get better. I would recommend Ian to a guitar player of any skill level who would like to improve.

Cameron Chung

“Ian is a great teacher who taught me to look beyond what most people see about guitar playing. He is encouraging and also honest about every aspect of playing. He definitely motivated me to learn more”

The Guitar Studio is run by Ian McLaughlin

Over 20 years experience as a professional guitar tutor and motivator.

Driven by my own quest for ability on the guitar, I quickly discovered that there was more to it than what the books and videos were saying.

Most were lacking the glue that connected a nice theory or method, back into the reality of really making things work on the guitar
Something to cut through the confusion of it all was needed.

"What evolved from my desire to gain mastery on the guitar is a system that makes sense"

A system based on natural alignment with your individual body mechanics to get your hands moving effectively. Combining my understanding of the neurological process and sounds principals, your hands and fingers will move gracefully across your instrument.  

My understanding of music, coupled with this learning system, allows you to gain a complete understanding of your instrument. I can help greatly improve the evolutionary process of your playing.

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One of my awesome students Tom Fitisemanu gave this to me for Christmas. He made the whole thing (including the body and neck). I am still completely blown away each time I look at it. Thanks Tom it ROCKS!
Thanks also to my lovely partner Danni from Winmill Creative for the photos.
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Interesting, wounder what happens if it gets wet, cool though.
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A Ernest's Cardboard Chaos, empresa americana especializada em objetos feitos de papelão, junto com a equipe da Fender Custom Shop, desenvolveram uma strato de papel que pode ser tocada de verdade! Será que o futuro da guitarra está no papelão? Confira no vídeo! Curta nossa página:

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