Whats on Tele?

Some nice shiny frets, that's what! But they didn't always look like this!
A student bought this Tele from an online store in Europe.
It is actually a really nice guitar, well now anyways.  The body is Ash, nicely finished, the pickups sound good, the neck has a great feel, but the frets were lacking to say the least.
I should mention the price was VERY reasonable on this guitar and it now plays like a guitar that is worth a LOT more than what was paid for it.
Anyone thinking of purchasing a cheap guitar from overseas may want to keep in mind that it may arrive to you needing work, particularly on the frets and 
this one could do with a decent nut fitted at some point in the future.  For now though this is night and day to what it was.  I really like this Tele now!

Some of what was on the frets was lacquer

The rest of the problem was it looked like the frets had been finished by dragging them along the pavement. 

Time to get this lot cleaned up and sorted.

Clean, but still not smooth. 

End result of a number of layers of filing sanding and polishing.