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Nick Coulson

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TESTIMONIAL FOR IAN MCLAUGHLIN Ian is familiar with a wide range of musical genres and therefore is able to cater to all students’ individual needs and interests. He helps me choose music that I like and listen to whilst all the time maintaining a clear evolution in developing new techniques and skills. He is an encouraging teacher who focuses on the improvements and progress I have made as well as providing useful constructive feed back to extend my playing even further. When learning new songs, techniques and ideas he’s always quick to acknowledge what I’m doing well and shows patience and understanding with any difficulties I’m having. He has a skill for breaking things down into small manageable steps, subsequently turning a potentially difficult learning process into a confidence enhancing experience. Ian is much more than a technical guitar teacher and I really appreciate how he has broadened my musical tastes, turned me on to many new guitar players and introduced me to some great guitar products. (e.g the amp simulation software amplitube). I really value talking to Ian about music and am impressed with his broad knowledge of guitar players, musicians and music as a whole. Through discussions on how music effects peoples emotions, he helped me appreciate music on a much deeper level. These insightful discussions have helped me bring more feeling and soul into my own playing. In conclusion I would highly recommend Ian for the holistic and personal service he provides students.

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