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Way of the strings proven guitar system

What if, with the correct guidance, you could achieve anything you set your mind to?

  • Fast track your progress
  • A proven layered developmental system 
  • There is a formula and now YOU can tap into it

Get 1 on 1 guitar lessons in YOUR own home LIVE on-line

Have you always wanted to learn Guitar but felt stuck and frustrated?

Wouldn't it be great if you could have the music that you feel stream straight into a set of speakers and bypass your hands limitations? Most peoples frustrations around playing the guitar are not because they don't know what to do, but because they don't know how to do.  They lack a way, a system based on sound principles.

​There was a time as a baby when you couldn't walk, but you persevered and learnt to move, through your efforts and the natural movement which your body would allow.  As we grow, we learn through the stresses of life to move less naturally, so it is no wonder that we neglect to consider natural alignment of fingers, hands, arms and how that can help our guitar playing, The flow of body mechanics and neuro connectors that control your fingers on the instrument.  These components are vital.  Most methods don't teach it and most students struggle and get frustrated in the absence of it.

We know your time is precious, life is too short to be playing dud notes or muffled chords.  Yes we teach all the normal stuff that you need to know to become a proficient guitarist, now couple that with the science of movement, and neuro programming and you have a powerful system for learning the guitar.  It is the Way of the strings that binds it all together.   

The Way of the Strings system is all about solutions...

Way of the strings Guitar studio in run by Ian McLaughlin with  over 20 years experience as a professional guitar tutor and motivator. Driven by his own quest for ability on the guitar, Ian quickly discovered that there was more to it than what the books and videos were saying and that most were lacking the glue that connected a nice theory/method back into the reality of really making things work on the guitar. Something to cut through the confusion of it all was needed. What evolved from this is a system that made sense and is based on natural alignment with the individual body mechanics of a person playing the instrument to get their hands working effectively. Natural movement, sound principles and an understanding for the neurological process required for the brain to engage and move the hands and fingers in a graceful manner. This coupled with Ian’s deep understanding for music allows a student to gain a complete understanding for the instrument in a progressive way, greatly helping the evolutionary process of student’s playing.

“There's nothing special about what I teach, it's really just the natural way of things on the Guitar, what makes it stand and work is the integrated and layered way in which the sound principles and playing  attributes are presented.”

Yes, this may be a sales page, but it isn't Disneyland.  You're going to have to do your part, discipline and time practising the right way are your rite of passage.  For those who do, the rewards come quickly.

It's all about Solutions...


Imagine a system of learning where each step you learn
affects the next in a positive way. Progressively your skills expand, growing exponentially as you develop an understanding of
The Way Of The Strings.

Solution based

There is always a solution, if someone else has played it, then it is playable... no matter how complex the parts may be. We help you understand the mechanics,
brush away the problems and reveal the solutions.


Within every hurdle is an opportunity to go beyond it. Challenges help you develop the skills to transcend them. Expand your mindset to deal with difficulties and develop strategies and solutions to keep you moving forward.

Where ever you are, home, office, travelling...

The Way of the strings guitar tuition system is available for ​beginners through to advanced players.

"As a professional guitarist working in London, I’ve come to reply on the things I learned from Ian on a day-to-day basis. He is a superb technician with a real passion and encyclopedic knowledge of the guitar, and has the best temperament of any tutor that I’ve come across. Ian was always able to answer questions, show me techniques, and point me in the right direction regarding equipment with the ease of someone who has dedicated their life to the instrument. He’s a nice guy too, with a great balance of patience, motivation and discipline. I would strongly urge anyone, from beginners and intermediates to pros in need of a high level tutor in any style, to seek out lessons from Ian McLaughlin. You won’t be disappointed. ,."

- Sam Wilcock (Guitarist based in UK)

The Way of the Strings Guitar system 
empowers You!

"There is a formula and now YOU can tap into it."

The subject of playing the guitar is vast, though it doesn't need to be complex.
When the key attributes are layered in the correct way, everything falls into place.  

  • Train your fingers to move purposefully and deliberately through chords... 

  • Discover how your chord changes can become instinctive and intrinsic through layering of deliberate natural movement.

  • Learn how to strum with perfect feel and timing to suite the song you are playing

  • Discover how to use the inner game to build confidence when playing in front of a crowd, big or small. 

  • Learn to play scales and phrases as if you where having a conversation with a friend... 

  • Understand the fretboard completely and gain the confidence that come with it

  • Learn to express yourself freely on the guitar by gaining the ability to move smoothly

  • Discover how to complete those songs you start, using advanced
    problem solving and strategies

  • Learn how the efficiency of movement can make you 90% more effective on the  fretboard... 

  • Train and develop your left and right hand coordination and how to integrate your twitch fibre muscles with deliberate movement

  • Gain the satisfaction of playing and expressing yourself effortlessly with
    feel and finesse

The Way of the Strings system will help you become a better Guitarist...

Your instructions are clear, precise and on purpose...

"A step by step, layered approach to mastering the guitar."

With experience on our side, we've seen it all, all the reasons why people struggle learning an instrument.  There is always a solution!  We break things down and present you with the strategies to succeed in your guitar playing.

Progress at your own pace 

Each step that you take and each lesson you learn builds to the next. The work flow is at a pace that is right for you and lessons are tailored around individual goals.

  • As your fingers become more nimble, your ability grows quickly
  • As your knowledge of the guitar grows, so does you're confidence & skill

... with a Progressive lesson structure

"Imagine being able to actually play the music you here all around you."

​Though there is system to the learning and a strategic process, the lessons are structured around your individual goals, and tailored in such a way that you get to achieve them in a smooth and progressive  way.

The sound principles layered through each lesson become intrinsic

"Its like fast tracked fretboard Tai chi for your fingers."

These layered sound principles help you to understand the instrument in an integrated way.  Your playing becomes naturally more and more enjoyable and as a result, you practice more.  It is a self sustaining system.

"Imagine reaching for the guitar knowing the fun you are about to have."

The more the Neural pathways for learning are linked in a deliberate way using consistent and purposeful practice habits.  The more smooth your playing becomes, old limitations give way to new found skills

Step by step Your playing aligns to a natural way of things on your instrument...

"Because the exact parts you are working on at your lessons are documented for you to review between lessons, your progress rockets to whole new level."

Learning an instrument is a wonderful journey, and a fairly
simple journey with the correct tools.  At the Guitar studio,
we are always upping our game so that you get more... 
more value, more progress, and... 
more enjoyment out of your playing.

"I have always been a huge fan of music particularly classic and alternative rock from the 60s-90s + and had always thought about learning the guitar. I have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from a guitar guru for four years and he has made this a very real and achievable goal for me. Ian has not only been a fantastic mentor with such an easy going nature and encouraging teaching style but also become a cherished friend. I have the utmost respect and awe for Ian in what he’s accomplished in his music career and look forward in continuing to develop my guitar skills with him:)."

- Chessie Chean (B.Sc. M.Aud.- MNZAS CCC)

"Ian is a great teacher who taught me to look beyond what most people see about guitar playing. He is encouraging and also honest about every aspect of playing. He definitely motivated me to learn more."

- Cameron Chung 

"Incredibly patient motivational teacher using goal setting to motivate, explains things simply makes learning a lot of fun."

- Julia Jones 

Here's what You Get...

A Professional learning platform from the Guitar studio either in studio or straight to you live online

Lessons are available in our Hamilton NZ Studio or
streaming live from the Guitar studio via video conference

20 years experience in teaching...
with all the support & backup you need to be successful

Lessons stream live from the Guitar studio...

Straight to you at home, or where ever else you may be!

-Review your live lessons at any time on any web media device-

Both in studio lessons and live on-line lessons are available for you to review any time on any web media device

"You get Solutions."

So integrated and progressive you will start to see results right away.  Take your playing to the next step now.

Access The Way of the Strings system!

Now is the time to ditch struggling, vote yourself in and get instant access to The Way of the Strings system!

"The time spent learning with Ian was invaluable to building my knowledge of the guitar. The how’s and why’s were always answered with very ‘outside the box’ answers that made sense on many different levels. The learning of favourite songs always kept me interested in guitar, while the practical and key scales were also incorporated into my learning to ensure I learned the proper knowledge of the working fretboard. Ian is a fantastic player and can work with any style of music. A very friendly guy and easy to have a good chat with. I would highly recommend him to anyone, at any age, wanting to learn any style. Choice Bro :)."

- Bryce (student of 3 years)

"My guitar teacher is special. Sure he knows all the technical stuff but he couples this with an underlying philosophy derived from his understanding of the instrument and the way people learn. He believes the music we need is already in us – his job is to help us release that sound and energy. Yes he helps me understand music and the guitar but more importantly he helps to learn about and understand myself."

- D C Edmeades MSc (Hons), PhD, Dip Management.

"TESTIMONIAL FOR IAN MCLAUGHLIN Ian is familiar with a wide range of musical genres and therefore is able to cater to all students’ individual needs and interests. He helps me choose music that I like and listen to whilst all the time maintaining a clear evolution in developing new techniques and skills. He is an encouraging teacher who focuses on the improvements and progress I have made as well as providing useful constructive feed back to extend my playing even further. When learning new songs, techniques and ideas he’s always quick to acknowledge what I’m doing well and shows patience and understanding with any difficulties I’m having. He has a skill for breaking things down into small manageable steps, subsequently turning a potentially difficult learning process into a confidence enhancing experience. Ian is much more than a technical guitar teacher and I really appreciate how he has broadened my musical tastes, turned me on to many new guitar players and introduced me to some great guitar products. (e.g the amp simulation software amplitube). I really value talking to Ian about music and am impressed with his broad knowledge of guitar players, musicians and music as a whole. Through discussions on how music effects peoples emotions, he helped me appreciate music on a much deeper level. These insightful discussions have helped me bring more feeling and soul into my own playing. In conclusion I would highly recommend Ian for the holistic and personal service he provides students.."

- Nick Coulson

Are you really looking for Proven solutions.  I'm picking you are, or you wouldn't be reading this 

What's your time worth to you?  Maybe your new to guitar or maybe you've been trying to learn for years.  Its about what its worth to you to draw the line and say lets get see this thing as done. 

​Insanity;  "Doing the same thing and expecting a different result."  Where do you want your playing be in 6 months? If you carry on the same track you are on, what will it have cost you in time and energy?  The more you practice a mistake, the better you get at making a mistake.

Now you don't have to muck around waiting to stumble over a random youtube clip that just may get you out of the rut you're in, only to fall into another on your very next step.

Music should be about having fun, shouldn't it?

You are about to take a step that will affect your guitar playing in a huge way.

"You take the blue pick, the story ends. You carry on doing what you have done before and I wish you well. You take the red pick, your journey begins and we see how far your playing can really go."

Would you rather keep practising your mistakes or 
make  real progress?

"Music is a lifelong companion, that doesn't mean you should spend a life time struggling with it."

Professional LIVE guitar lessons 

    in YOUR own home... 1 on 1 

A system based on sound principles that work

  • Expert tuition
  • Superior backup & support
  • Mobile learning
  • A tailored approach 
  •  A Proven system
  • ​A results based system

Free Guitar studies book

When you book a block of lessons...

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Now is the time to ditch struggling, vote yourself in and get instant access to The Way of the Strings system!  Drop us an email today, we'd love to hear from you!

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"The Guitar studio is committed to enhancing your progress and enjoyment of your chosen instrument."


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