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[layerslider id=”40″] [separator top=”25″] [title size=”1″]The perfect Christmas gift, the gift of music[/title]The Guitar studio in run by Ian McLaughlin with nearly 20 years experience as a professional guitar tutor and motivator. Driven by his own quest for ability on the guitar, Ian quickly discovered that there was more to it than what the books and videos were saying and that most were lacking the glue that connected a nice theory/method back into the reality of really making things work on the guitar. Something to cut through the confusion of it all was needed. What evolved from this is a system that made sense and is based on natural alignment with the individual body mechanics of a person playing the instrument to get their hands working effectively. Natural movement, sound principles and an understanding for the neurological process required for the brain to engage and move the hands and fingers in a graceful manner. This coupled with Ian’s deep understanding for music allows a student to gain a complete understanding for the instrument in a progressive way, greatly helping the evolutionary process of student’s playing.  Lessons available both in Studio or through live online tuition.

One on one lessons available “In studio” or “Live on-line” for your friend or loved one…  Your Christmas shopping sorted!

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Your Christmas shopping sorted!

[accordian][toggle title=”Company Mission”]Provide the best tuition possible based on sound principles – Teach awareness of movement to maximize efficiency on ones instrument –
Encourage and guide the student to find fun and enthusiasm in what they do –
Help provide a balanced, strategic process in learning and achieving the students goals –
Utilize the latest technology to enhance the learning experience –
Lessons are tailored to individual student goals.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Philosophy”]it is a balanced process, where on the one hand you are getting a good progressive understanding for the instrument, fret board harmony etc, and how that applies to music and music theory, including (optional) theory grades through the internationally recognized Trinity College of Music London. Music Theory is encouraged, providing the student is interested and it is part of their goals. Most importantly it is made sure that you are having fun with what you are doing. Best efforts are made to tailor the lessons to suit the individual student so that you are getting to play what you want to play. It’s all about getting you to have fun on the instrument. Enthusiasm is self sustaining. [/toggle] [separator top=”25″] [title size=”2″]What Client’s Say[/title] [testimonials] [testimonial name=”Tami Lee Ward” gender=”female” company=”HOD Arts/Music Specialist Matamata Intermediate School”]“Ian has been the guitar tutor here at Matamata Intermediate for the past 6 ½ years. He is multi-talented and teaches across the board on all guitars including acoustic, electric and bass. As a result of Ians teaching, we are able to have two rock bands in our school and have 56 students learning guitar! A real bonus for our students.”[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Julia Jones” gender=”female” company=””]“Incredibly patient motivational teacher using goal setting to motivate, explains things simply makes learning a lot of fun”[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Bryce ” gender=”male” company=”student of 3 years ” link=”” target=”_self”]“The time spent learning with Ian was invaluable to building my knowledge of the guitar. The how’s and why’s were always answered with very ‘outside the box’ answers that made sense on many different levels. The learning of favourite songs always kept me interested in guitar, while the practical and key scales were also incorporated into my learning to ensure I learned the proper knowledge of the working fretboard. Ian is a fantastic player and can work with any style of music. A very friendly guy and easy to have a good chat with. I would highly recommend him to anyone, at any age, wanting to learn any style. Choice Bro :)”[/testimonial] [/testimonials]More testimonials

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